U12 Match Report: Ossett Town Lions 4 v 0 North East Leeds

Match Report – Garforth League U12’s  Division 2 – 18th March 2012

Ossett Town Juniors 4 : 0 North East Leeds

Some Mother’s do ave em!

Mothers Day – always a favourite for the family man with children that haven’t yet worked out how it should work, i.e. they buy the flowers and chocolates. So most of the dads had already been up longer than usual picking flowers and the strain of being kind to the wife for the whole day was praying on their minds.

But on to the football – we really are back in the swing of things now with probably our 4th or 5th consecutive weekend of football and once again a bit of spring sunshine helped to make the whole thing more enjoyable. Another comfortable win with a pretty good performance also helped and to cap it all Chapeltown only managed to draw with Farsley Celtic so we are looking in with a better chance for the 2nd place spot at the end of the season.

Both teams started in a similar way. North East Leeds managed to create a couple of good chances with through balls that pierced the centre of the Ossett defence. Connor Ryan was up to his usual high standards though and one such through ball was chipped over his head by the on-coming forward only for him to scramble back very quickly and to scoop the ball from the goal-line; a great recovery.

At the other end Joseph Smith, Jordan Grace and Thomas McGee had the beating of the Leeds back four on pace and through-ball after through-ball from the Ossett midfield led to chance after chance all involving one of our attackers on a one to one with their keeper. Their keeper did well and his shot stopping was excellent. Joe had at least 3 chances with the first being well saved, the 2nd shot over the bar and the 3rd just scraping past the post. Jordan also got through only to be thwarted by a good save and then TJ joined the list of near misses with a shot that went just wide and Joseph wasn’t quite able to get there.

Funnily enough it never felt that it was going to be one of those days. The chances were coming thick and fast and it was only a matter of time, surely. (don’t call me Shirley)

Not wishing to be outdone, Ben Shelton then joined the party and after a great bit of skill from Joseph down the right Ben hit the ball against the post. Fortunately TJ then slotted the ball in from an angle and Ossett were 1:0 up.

Mason Butcher must have felt left out because from a well-taken corner the ball fell to him in front of the goal and somehow he scooped it wide. I think we blame his dad as he was playing in boots that were held together by duck tape. There can be no other explanation for the miss!

Joe broke through again on a one to one with the keeper and this time in a style reminiscent of one of Lionel Messi’s recent goals, Joe chipped it over the on-coming keeper and made no mistake in front of the posts.

So we went in to half time 2:0 up, but it could easily have been 6 or 7. We had also given them too many chances and we needed to tighten up at the back

The second half was to bring only another 2 goals, but it felt like a much better half. Louis Allison and Liam Taylor got their act together and became impenetrable in the centre of defence and another clean sheet was testament to a great understanding between the back four and Connor in goal.

We must have had fewer chances but we took more of them and it looked like we were playing better football. The midfield driven by Liam Finney, Elliott Hewitt and Mason took control and found more width and more accuracy of pass.

TJ put in a good run down the right hand side and unselfishly passed to Bailey who finished well for us to go 3 up. Something was said that he may get a “Blackberry” if he played well and perhaps this unselfish act was the clincher. Perhaps it was even worth an IPhone 4S? Bailey broke through and another one on one led to the shot going wide of the post. Jordan followed Bailey’s example shortly afterwards with a shot that went wide of the post. Louis ran up for a corner and met the corner with a good header that was cleared off the line. Very John Terry, clearly a role model to aspire to!!!

Callum put in a great cross that Bailey met with a fantastic header that went soaring into the top right corner. Clearly it was a cross and not an attempt at a shot!

So it ended as 4:0 to Ossett. A strong performance especially in the second half and one that will make all the Mum’s proud on such a special day. This was the present they were looking forward. Who needs chockies and flowers if you’ve got sons that make you proud.

Most improved player award – Jordan Grace

Park House Healthcare player of the match award – Thomas Mcgee

Goalscorers: Bailey Holderness 2; Thomas Mcgee; Joseph Smith

Match Report: Geoff Allison