Results from 14 & 15 April


Here are the results from this weekend, if your time isn’t listed yet come back later – the page is updated throughout the day as results come in…


Age Group Home/Away Opposition W/D/L Score League
 U7s Phantoms H Pontefract Collieries A L 1 v 6 Friendlies
 U7s Harriers H Pontefract Coliieries A L 0 v 8  Friendlies
 U7s Warriors  H Durkar Devils A L 1 v 3  Friendlies
 U7s Owls  H Durkar Devils B L 0 v 1  Friendlies
 U8s Storm H Rothwell Juniors W 2 v 1  Friendlies
 U8s Thunder  H Rothwell Juniors L 1 v 3  Friendlies
 U8s Lightening A Crofton L 2 v 4  Friendlies
 U9s A & B No Game.  Garforth League
 U10s Tornadoes (GL) H Glen A W 3 v 2  Garforth League
 U10s Mavericks  H Glen B L 0 v 2  Garforth League
 U10s Tornadoes (HL)  No Game.  Huddersfield League
 U10s Lynx  No Game.  Huddersfield League
 U11s Pumas A Dewsbury D 0 v 0  Huddersfield League
 U11s Panthers  A Shelf D 2 v 2  Huddersfield League
 U11s Jaguars  No game.  Huddersfield League
 U12s Lions  H Chapeltown L 2 v 5  Garforth League
 U12s Tigers  H BPA L 1 v 6  Huddersfield League
 U13s A  H Wakefield Jets L 1 v 3  Garforth League
 U14s A  H Batley Phoenix L 3 v 4 Huddersfield League
 U15s A H Batteyford W 10 v 2  Huddersfield League
 U16s A No Game  Huddersfield League
 U16s Reds A BPA Juniors W 2 v 1  Huddersfield League
 U17s A  H Woodkirk L 0 v 3  Leeds and District League
 U17s B H Meltham B L 0 v 1  Huddersfield League