Glen Juniors Whites 0 v 2 U14 Lions

Result: Glen Juniors White 0 v 2 Ossett Town U14 Lions
Goal Scorers: Elliott Hewitt, Ellis Longstaff
Player of the match: Tyler Dewhirst
Match Reporter: Geoff Allison
League: Garforth League Under 14 Division 2

Garforth League U14’s Division 2 – 8th September 2013

Glen Juniors (White) 0 : 2 Ossett Town Juniors

We’ll take that!

This was a comfortable and solid start to the new season and a result that everyone will be happy with, although as in everything there is a greater story to be told

Chris Capello had more success in the transfer window than David Moyes despite a slightly more limited budget than Real Madrid. Three of his new signings debuted today and showed their worth and have probably already paid back their transfer fees. The strengthening of the squad system that Chris has successfully developed over the years with dual registration of a core of players is sure to benefit both the Garforth and Huddersfield league teams and the players themselves. (That’s the politics out of the way and now on with the report)

A beautiful day heralded a positive start to the season. Ossett kicked off full of confidence and continued where they left off at the end of last season with a real desire to play high quality attractive football. Last year the lads discovered for the first time that you can even pass the ball backwards to retain possession and it was great to see really good play emanating right from the back and progressing up either flank. Ossett quickly assumed control and to be honest were a higher quality than Glen. Despite this there weren’t many chances being created as both teams seemed over defensive with defenders outnumbering attackers.

Much of the early play was down the right side with the new boy, Louis Conyers making much of the play. Ossett took the lead after about 10 minutes when Bailey Holderness was unfairly taken down for the second time. Elliott Hewitt hit a great long range free kick high into the net, taking advantage of a keeper who was shorter than the average. The score remained this way for all of the first half and Ossett continued to dominate. There were some notable near misses as Ossett failed to convert their dominance. Tyler Dewhirst had a good attempt that just skimmed the post; Jordan Grace controlled a cross well with his head and the subsequent volley grazed the cross bar; Elliott put a clean header wide of the posts from short range and Liam Finney struck a powerful low shot just wide. Connor Ryan in goal must have still thought he was on holiday and would have been advised to bring his homework along. Not only will we have the best keeper in the Garforth league, but also the brightest if this advice is taken

Not much extra to report in the second half with Glen not creating any chances and Ossett totally dominating. Ellis Longstaff finished well when a ball rebounded into his path making it 2:0. Another debutant, Joe Senior showed some real quality at left back and with Tyler or Joe Smith, brought many a good move down the left flank.

So it ended 2:0 to Ossett and with no real danger or concern at any time. And there lies the potential problem this year and therein the greater story. Last year we were constantly stretched and consequently became sharp and very determined. Players had to learn to think and act quickly and by the end of the year we were competing with the best in the 1st division. This year we have a strengthened squad and having been relegated we will be playing weaker teams. How then do you keep up the rate of learning? How do you make sure you always put in 100% when 80% will probably be enough? How do you make sure that we don’t get overconfident and start to think we are better than we are? How do you make sure you are first and fastest to the ball and make sure that you execute your play to the highest standard? This is the challenge for the coach and the individuals in the team.

Of course, even in this write up, I may be over confident and we may have sterner challenges ahead. The most important thing is that every week we must improve and improve faster than those around us so we reach our full potential as individuals and as a team.

Do the immortal words of Miley Cyrus (who follows a gluten free diet – go to capture the spirit we need?

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side
It’s the climb

A parent of one of the new players at the end of the game reflected on the game with me and said that it was great to watch us play as we played as a team and not a bunch of individuals which was very different to his experiences at his previous club – Lovely!