U8’s Ossett Town v Dalton Dynamos

Match Report by Edward Rigg, Ossett Town Captain Ossett town v dalton dynamos

Saturday 28th September and the second game of the morning saw me proudly lead my team out and after their earlier defeat, Dalton Dynamos seemed keen on revenge and within minutes had put themselves a goal to nil up. Spurred on by this lead Dalton soon found the back of the net again and despite valiant efforts in defence by myself, Finley and Cieran they soon made it three. A free kick to Dalton almost made it number four but for a great save from Hayden. Dalton continued putting pressure on us at the back and finally succeeded in scoring their fourth.

We were determined not to let this lead increase further and began our attack, some real end to end football followed with plenty of chances for both teams, Josh just failed to give us our first goal and Dalton responded but Hayden made a fantastic save, the ball was immediately back at the other end where Sebastian almost put us on the scoreboard. Thomas took the resulting corner and cleverly found Sebastian who took another shot at goal but the keeper was too quick.

At the Ossett Town end a tackling frenzy was going on with Alfie especially getting stuck in but Dalton eventually won a corner, could they take a 5-0 lead going into half time? We were not going to let that happen and when the whistle blew the score remained Ossett Town 0 Dalton Dynamos 4.

Both teams came back hungry in the second half and chances were in abundance, Ben took a corner but Dalton remained strong, they soon had a chance with a throw-in in Ossett’s half but we were not giving in. Ethan gained possession and created a great chance for Ben who unfortunately shot just wide of the goal. Substitute Lauren kept the pressure on by keeping the ball in Dalton’s half and created two more chances forcing corners both taken by Cieran but Dalton’s defence was like a brick wall even a free kick by Josh came to nothing. Dalton fought back and soon had the ball back at the other end another save from Hayden stopped their first attempt, the second hit the woodwork but third time lucky and they were 5 goals ahead.

Finally our fortunes turned and with grit and determination we got the ball to Sebastian who broke free and found the net. Confidence was now building and Sebastian almost scored again thanks to a tackle and lovely long pass up field by me. Quick as a flash however came number 6 for the visitors.

Dalton tried to make it 7 but Hayden pulled out his save of the match with a glorious dive, more chances for both sides kept the crowd on their toes until Josh weaved in and out of three players, passed to Ben who finished the job to give us our second goal. The Dynamos soon popped in another but then a dodgy tackle led to an Ossett Town penalty, a good try but the keeper stopped us getting our third. Dalton, just to make sure, slipped in another before the final whistle blew on a thrilling match the score of which does not fairly depict the closeness of the game, Ossett did everything they could except find the back of the net as often as Dalton, but a hugely enjoyable match nevertheless.

Well done to both teams!

Final score Ossett Town 2 Dalton Dynamos 8