Under 7’s Match Report – Sunday 1st December

B Team

Ossett Town B vs YMCA

Team: Ben Steel, Callum McGarry, Connor Stanwix, Isaac Donlon, Charlie Ambler, Thomas Berry

Final Score 4-3 ( Goal Scorers: Isaac Donlon, Charlie Ambler, Thomas Berry 2)

No Match Report Given

C Team

Ossett Town C vs Greetland

Team: 3.  John-Charles Mullen. 8. Finn Tattersfield. 9. Alfie Wilkinson.  13. Noah Crawshaw. 30.  Toby Harrison. 33. Luca Teal.

Welcome to highfield school and Ossett Town are at home against this Greetland side with an early start.  The weather is cold but the sun is out and the teams are ready to go. Ossett to kick off and Luca takes the ball forward. Ossett are under immediate pressure with some strong tackles going in. Greetland have the ball and have their first goal. Ossett are back in it and Luca makes a good pass to Toby.  Finn’s having a busy game in goal but is doing well.  Toby is now doing some good defending. Finn makes another save. John-Charles passes to Toby and the ball goes out. Luca takes the throw in and it’s a corner  to Ossett. Toby takes with a good cross but Greetland defence is too strong. There’s a real scramble in Greetlands box but still Ossett can’t penetrate the oppositions defence. Finn makes a good tackle and makes a good run where he is unlucky not to score. Luca’s defending hard and Finn has another shot and is making some great tackles. Alfie has the ball and makes a run forward.  The ball drops to Luca who remains composed takes a shot and has a great goal to be admired by all. Scores are level 1 v 1. John-Charles makes a pass to Finn and Luca ‘s unlucky not to get his second.  Alfie has the ball in his own half and runs to the oppositions half, shoots and goal. Excellent play from Alfie with a well taken goal. Finn has a shot and is unlucky not to score. Greetland get a goal and were level at 2 v 2.  Some good tackles are going in from Ossett and the half comes to and end at 2 v 3.

Second half underway and it’s Greetland to kick off. Greetland start the stronger of the two sides and it’s 2 v 4.  Luca is in goal. Finn takes a shot that is saved. Noah is playing well in defence. Noah makes a good run and has a shot that is saved. Change of goalie and Luca has a shot that is saved. The ball drops for Finn who makes no mistake and goal. 3 v 4 now. Noah gets a good tackle in, passes to Finn.  Ball is back to Noah who shoots and it’s saved. John-Charles in goal for last stretch. Toby takes a free kick and Luca is unlucky not to score. Toby has the ball makes a great run and goal. Really well taken goal.  Only a few minutes left and a draw would be a fair result.  John-Charles has saved a few but been very well supported by his defence. Greetland have the ball and Ossett are desperately trying to get it off them. Greetland take a shot and it flies past the goalie. 4 v 5. The game comes to an end and it’s Ossett 4 v Greetland 5.

A well fought game and Ossett were very unlucky to be the losing team. The amount of shots at goal that didn’t go in is a credit to the Greetland goalie. Well played to all the players and coaches.

Final Score: 4-5 ( Goal Scorers: Luca Teal, Alfie Wilkinson, Finn Tattersfield, Toby Harrison)

D Team

Ossett Town D vs Greetland Stars

A game of Two Halves for Ossett

Ossett “D” were looking to build on a back to back wins and we were all greeted on a cold Sunday morning with a buzz of the phone that allowed an extra 20 minutes in bed for us all and as the first half would pan out the players took a little longer to wake from the Slumber.

Ossett lined up with Charlie Revell-Jackson in goal, Ethan Tsungu in defence, Max Dervisevic and Isaac Holmes in Midfield and Hayden Wroe up front and Thomas Maloney on the bench

Ossett started on the back foot and Greetland were playing some good football and were on the attack early which Max closed down well and played it off a Greetland player to give them a goal kick.  From the goal kick Ossett played out from the back and made the mistake of playing the ball across the goal which was intercepted and was put in the back of the Net and Ossett found themselves 1-0 down.  Ossett were still on the back foot and the defence and midfield were under pressure early as wave after wave of Greetland attack descended on the Ossett goal, but the team held out well and Ossett now had some time on the ball and Max played the ball to Isaac in midfield who went on a long run upfield beating a couple of Greetland players but just ran the ball out of play when beating the second man.  Greetland Quickly countered this attack and were clean through with a great through ball and a nice finish resulted in Ossett being 2-0 down.  Ossett again retreated into there shell and Greetland continued to attack and were nearly 3 goals to the good but for some great defending by Isaac pushed the Greetland player wide and forced it out for a goal kick.  Ossett again made the error of playing ball across goal from the goal kick and it was again intercepted and rocketed into the top corner to give Charlie no chance and Ossett were 3-0 down this brought about the first change and Isaac was replaced by Thomas.  The 3rd goal spurred Ossett into action  and they began to play as a team with max having a good run up field only to be tackled but the team followed him well and pressed Greetland into giving them the ball back, Hayden picked up the ball and ran into space well taking some Greetland players with him and playing a good pass into Max, but the attack broke down and all the Ossett players had ventured upfield in an attempt to get back in the game and this allowed a through ball from Greetland to find there striker clean through with no one back and finished in the corner to give Charlie little chance.  Almost immediately Ossett were further behind but a great save from Charlie and good defence from Ethan kept Greetland at bay.  With the almost the last action of the game Thomas won the ball back and it broke to Max D who played it to Hayden who had a great run at goal and the keeper saved well at Hayden’s feet when he seemed set to score, the half time whistle came about and Ossett were came in for a half time pep talk from coach Ryan to gee them up for the second half.

For the second half Thomas replaced Charlie in goal and Isaac replaced Max.

At the start of the second half the pep talk worked a treat and Ossett had woken up, almost immediately Ethan won the ball back and gave it to Isaac who beat a player but the keeper rushed out to save at his feet. Hayden then pressed the Greetland defence well and won the ball back and Fizzed a shot just wide with the Keeper beaten. Ossett’s adventurous play left gaps at the back and Greetland continued to punish it but a good save from Thomas kept Greetland at bay with a good save and now Ethan made way for Max to come back into the action.  From the save Thomas played the ball to Charlie who played a great ball down the line for Isaac who beat his man well and with a cross/shot beat the keeper but the ball agonisingly stopped on the line but a gut busting run from Max meant he was on hand to get a real poachers goal and Ossett were now 4-1 down.  Ossett were now in the ascendency and pressing Greetland into mistakes who now took there turn of playing the ball across the goal and ossett nearly had a second but won a corner which from it the ball was played to charlie to send a rocket into the bottom corner and Ossett were back in the game at 4-2 down.  Ossett continued to press but again were left vulnerable at the back and Thomas made a great save when 2 Greetland players were bearing down on him to trap the ball and soon drop onto it with legs flying in at him.  Ossett’s strong defence, particularly by Charlie, led to some good attacks and both Hayden and Isaac were unlucky not to add a 3rd but the Greetland keeper was always quick to rush out and shut it down.  Some great Greetland play from the back with some lovely passing soon resulted in a fifth goal for the away team with the ball looping to the far corner to give Thomas no chance.  Ossett continued to attack from the kick and a great 1-2 between Charlie and Hayden led to Charlie powering a shot into the post.  The final change was made and Hayden was replaced by Ethan, this did not disrupt the play and some good pressure from Ethan and Max won the Ossett boys a corner but nothing came of it.  It was a real end to end game with both teams showing real desire to attack  and a Greetland attack brought a good save from Thomas who pushed it round the post for a corner, which Ossett defended as a team really well to send Ethan on his way but the Greetland Keeper was quickly out to smother the ball. Ossett continued to press in the dying moments and both Isaac and Max had half-chances to score and Charlier repelled all attacks that came his way but the game ended out in a 5-2 loss for Ossett.

Ossett were much better in the second half and had they played like this all game could have won the game but they met an opposition who played really well but the boys should take great encouragement from the second half performance.

E Team

Ossett Town E Vs Challenge

Team: Harley Trott, Kai May, Lucas Stephens, Rowan Stephenson, Bailey Goodlad, Callum Fallas

Final Score: 4-6 (Goal Scorers: Lucas Stephens 2, Kai May, Bailey Goodlad)

No Report Given