Under 8’s Next Match Details – Sunday 29th March

Date: Sunday 29th March


Opposition: Queensbury


Home/Away: Away


Venue: Pit Lane, Queensbury, BD13 1NA


Kit: Red Adidas


Meet Time: See Below


Kick Off: See Below


Referee: N/A


Match Reporters: I need someone to text me all results and goal scorers from each game.



A Team Vs Queensbury A B Team Vs Queensbury B C Team Vs Queensbury C D Team Vs Queensbury D E Team Vs F Team Vs
Meet Time: 9:00 Meet Time: 9:30 Meet Time: 10:15 Meet Time: 11:15 Meet Time: Meet Time:
Manager: Ryan White Manager: Craig Ward Manager: Kenny Stanwix Manager: Martin Maloney Manager:  Manager:
Asst Manager: Craig Ward Asst Manager: Kenny Stanwix Asst Manager: Martin Maloney Asst Manager: Kenny Stanwix Asst Manager: Asst Manager:
Team: Team:  Team: Team: Team: Team:
GK – 35. Freddie White GK – 10. Sam Nightingale GK – 4. Ben Steel GK – 4. Ben Steel
2. Luke Holmes 6. Kai Hatfield 15. Connor Stanwix 3. John-Charles Mullen
12. Lucas Stephens 18. Bailey Mitchell 20. Oliver Hanley-Stakes 21. Hayden Wroe
14. Henry Hughes 23. Isaac Holmes 29. Dominik Stefanski 24. Thomas Maloney
16. Callum McGarry 26. Callum Fallas 37. Noah Crawshaw 31. Max Dervisevic
19. Jacob Ward 30. Toby Harrison 44. James Goodson 39. Harry Jones
36. Thomas Berry 40. Joseph Redgwick



5. Elliott Robson

8. Finn Tattersfield

17. Rowan Stephenson

25. Ben Longley

33. Luca Teal

GK – 34. Lewis Sharp

38. Adem Onal