U7s Newsletter

Dear Players and Parents/Guardians,
We’re now part way through the season and I’d like to take this opportunity to update everyone on arrangements, key dates, activities and venues over the coming months.

1. Training/Coaching
Training will continue 9-10.30am on a Saturday morning at Springmill Ossett until 7th November.
From Saturday 7th November we start winter training on the all-weather 4G pitch at Kettlethorpe High School postcode WF2 7EL, times 10-11am. No metal studs are allowed.
Training at Kettlethorpe will be until Saturday 13th February 2016 inclusive, with 2 weeks off at Christmas (Dec 26th and Jan 2nd.

2. Sponsorship/U 7s account

Parents please can we look at generating money into our age group by looking for further sponsors.
It is important to keep the money coming into the account as we are going to be looking at getting the kids personalised tracksuit bottoms and hoodies too shortly which as you can appreciate will come at a cost.
The money currently in the account will be used for the hiring of the 4G pitch so we need to keep on top of this as this will cost the age group £50 a week.
The hiring of the 4G I feel will be beneficial for the kids development as we will be coming into the winter months where there will be boggy pitches.As a result of the pitches being boggy it will mean that they will be unplayable and training unfortunately will have to be cancelled.
Last year if I remember rightly we did the score card which Craig kindly brought every other week.I feel that this was a good source of income into the account so we will be looking at introducing this back up again shortly.
However this only works if people are prepared to pay into it and at just £1 per team I don’t feel that this is much to ask.Remember the kids get the majority of it which is the most important and the rest goes to the person who wins the card.
Also i would like to ask parents on game days and also training to start up some kind of tuck shop/drinks stand.
This is another great money spinner for the age group and requires very little work on your behalf. All that we would require is drinks /sweets for the kids to purchase and possibly tea and coffee for the parents.To start this up we can obtain money from the account to purchase a small table and enough for the float and food and drink.
I have spoken to a number of age groups who currently do this and they are getting £30-40 a week on just this alone.

Parents please make sure subs continue to be paid and please check regularly your standing orders are coming out at he beginning of the month and going into the U7s account.
By doing so this you will assist Helen Marsh who looks after the account and prevent her having to send emails to you about it.
The club age group will retain overall ownership of the kit and jackets however players (and parents/guardians) will be responsible for looking after their own kit. E.g. bringing it to games, washing it and keeping it in good care generally. If any kits are lost, then a replacement will need to be purchased at the expense of the player concerned. Additionally, if any player leaves the club the kit will need to be returned to the team.

3. Groups for Games/fixtures

Ossett town fixture so far as of the 6/10/15

A Team:
11/10/15 v White Rose All Stars (h)
18/10/15 free week
25/10/15 v Brighouse A (a)
1/11/15 v Drighlington A (h)
B Team:
11/10/15 v White Rose All Stars (h)
18/10/15 v LS27 A (h)
25/10/15 v Brighouse B (a)
1/11/15 v Drighlington B (h)

C Team:
11/10/15 v White Rose All Stars
18/10/15 v LS27 B (h)
25/10/15 v Mount Pleasant (a)
1/11/15 free week

Parents please look on Huddersfield junior league website for further fixtures below.


Go to fixtures
Then to -select fixture group
Select -Mini soccer under 7
A team are in H league
B team are in U league
C team are in D league
The groups, meeting place and match details will continue to be communicated on the Ossett Town Junior website – and facebook and text.

Parents, with regards to requests for referee’s, firstly we’d like to apologise as this was a communication we didn’t fully pass on once we were made aware, but, West Riding FA only make referee’s available from at least under 10’s upwards, below this age group it is the responsibility of the home team to organise their own referee’s.
As stated above in the Huddersfield junior league website you will all know weeks in advance when we are at home to offer your availability.
We as coaches appreciate that you want to be watching your son / daughter / grandchild, which is why i asked for volunteers from other teams to referee the games (i.e. if your child is in the B team, then we wouldn’t necessarily ask that you referee the B team as you’d want to watch your child), however you can still referee your sons/daughters match as you will be watching them play anyhow whilst you are doing the role.
We will require volunteers from now (under 7’s) all the way through to under 10’s.
We aren’t asking parents to turn up in full black kit with yellow and red cards and a whistle, as your role would be minimal, as detailed in the Huddersfield Junior League handbook:-

Law 6: Timekeeper / Score / Assistant Referee

A person may be nominated to assist the referee to record goals scored, act as time keeper, supervise the use of rolling subs, and carry out any other duties as prescribed by the referee.
In other words, the coach(es) would be the one(s) to assist the referee, something we do anyway, your role would merely be to point out a goal kick/throw, corner, throw in, foul, free kick/penalty etc, but with full assistance from the coaches.
It wouldn’t be possible for us to coach / manage the team, organise the subs so all children get the same game time, and be referee all at the same time, it’s just not feasible, hence why we are asking for home matches for ‘volunteer’ referees.
We hope this clears things up with regards to referee duties as we cannot keep asking people to do this every week and not getting any replies from anyone.
We ideally hope you all can organise some sort of a rota system between willing volunteers which you can do by checking our fixture lists as stated above.Remember this is just for HOME GAMES.
Regards to games can I also ask that parents following each game help take down all the nets and also collect cones around the pitch.
If you are not aware the coaching staff have a number of things to do on game day but especially at the end of the games so by doing this that can relieve the coaches to do other things such as
.Obtain MOM from opposition coach
.Sort out certificates and trophies and photograph for MOM
.Collect football equipment
.Send in league results and copy of match report to league secretary.

If parents are available also to put nets up before games this would be a massive help as the coaching staff want to spend time with the kids warming up and getting them ready for the games.
Regards, the coaching team.

4. Events

The following events are planned to run this season and it will be great to see as many faces as possible at the club to support the fundraising for the Under 7’s. Below are the confirmed dates for your diaries. All family and friends are welcome.
Remembrance Sunday 8th November
The club have decided to purchase stick on poppies for the junior players to wear on their kits during their fixtures on Remembrance Sunday Sunday 8th November.
The Juniors account will pay for these poppies but we are also asking that each age group donates a minimum £20 to the cause. We are also encouraging the age groups to do some fund raising activities at training or matches over that weekend in order to raise more money for this worthwhile cause. This can range from face painting, fancy dress or anything that you feel will be fun and raise money.
What we are then looking at doing is inviting the Wakefield Express down on the Sunday (venue TBC) to take photos and do an article in the paper to increase exposure of the club.
If anyone knows anyone linked to the Royal British Legion that would like to come then that would be great.
Poppies will be handed out at the next Managers Meeting.
Any questions let
Craig Stephens or Lee Broadbent know at the club.

U7 Halloween Party at Kellys Bar – Sunday 25th October, 5-8pm

Parents the Under 7’s Halloween party is now confirmed for Sunday 25th October, at Kelly’s Bar, 5pm – 8pm.
First of all we’d like to mention that this is on the whole being organised by Christine Biddlestone, Hayley Ferguson and Tammy Buckle, which we are greatly thankful for.
As with any event like this we need to ask for you, the parents, to help. With regards to food, Tammy has kindly said that she will sort this out, but we would appreciate it if you could help with this, in the way of assisting Tammy and putting stuff towards the food. Please let Craig Biddlestone know personally if you can assist as I will not be there unfortunately as I am taking a well earned break and on holiday with my family.
Secondly, Hayley is organising the decorations, however, one idea we have had is to have a pumpkin carving competition. The child that turns up with the best pumpkin will win a prize, and this will also help Hayley by adding to the decorations.
With it being Halloween, fancy dress is compulsory for ALL children (including siblings), there will be a prize for best dressed child, and also for best dressed adult.
During the evening there will be your typical party games, and also apple bobbing, and the entertainment will be provided by Craig.
Finally, we are also asking for further donations for raffle prizes, competition prizes, and sweets for goodie bags, again let me know, but ultimately, what we also need to know is confirmation on attendees, again including siblings, so we know exactly how many we are catering for!
Remember all money generated goes to the children’s account and will help to pay for the Xmas party and presents.
Christmas Party at Kellys Bar – Sunday 13th December, 5pm-8pm

As in previous years, there will be a surprise guest taking time out his busy schedule to pop in to see the players. DJ Craig will hopefully be on hand to keep the players and younger ones entertained throughout the night.
Parents can I ask that you all get together and look at bringing in food for the event.
Last year Charlotte, Liam’s mum did the catering not only for this event but also the presentation night which was awesome but if we can all muck in this year and bring something it would be much appreciated.
We will look at also doing some new games to keep the kids entertained whilst the big man attends.

Ossett Town Gala – provisionally end of season (first weekend in July 2016)
End of season presentation night – To be Confirmed

The event will be held in Kelly’s bar with an added twist this season – There will be a purpose built stage that the players will need to come on to get their trophies.
Further details of the above to be announced.

Under 7 Information/Updates and Facebook site
Will be posted via Ossett Town Juniors U7 website, Facebook and text/email where possible.
If you are not following the Facebook page please can I ask you try and do so as there are regular updates on there about all aspects of Ossett Town.

The Facebook page is OSSETT TOWN AFC U7s 2015/16

Also you can check

Contact Details:
If anyone has any concerns now or throughout the season please do not hesitate to speak to me or coaching staff directly on the following numbers.

Mally Bolland 07825586210 email: mally10@hotmail.co.uk

Chris Bolland 07947 798288

Jamie Barrett 07841 352153 email:jamiebarrett7777777@gmail.com

Craig Biddlestone 07748 653959 email:westyorksnffc@hotmail.co.uk
Best Regards,
Coaching staff #1team1dream