Active Kids is back!


Active Kids is back with ambassadors Daniel Sturridge, Ellie Simmonds, Jonnie Peacock and Lucy Bronze on board – and Ossett Town Juniors need your help too.

How to collect vouchers

Every time you shop in a Sainsbury’s Supermarket, you’ll get one voucher for every £10 you spend. So if you spend £40 you’ll get four vouchers, but what’s new this year is you’ll receive them all on one piece of paper. In Sainsbury’s Locals you will get one individual voucher every time you spend £5 (the same as last year).

How to donate vouchers

Vouchers can be dropped off into the collection box in Kelly’s Bar at the main Ossett Town Clubhouse or passed to your age group manager. All vouchers are gratefully received and we’ll need all your donations by 8th July 2016.

Spread the word

Active Kids is a great way for our community to join together to help our kids eat well, move well and live well. So please ask your neighbours, friends and family to help collect vouchers too.

Thank you for your support.  There are some images below if you want to share this on Facebook or Twitter.