Lightning Match Report 14/10/12


Lightning were at home this week to White Rose All Stars, coming back after their first win of the season all the boys looked positive and all ready to get stuck into the next match. Looking at the All stars performances so far this season we knew it was going to be a tough match for the boys.
Play started as expected with White Rose on the attack straight away their first shot going wide, Lighting responded straight away with Nathan leading an attack of their own but some good defending pushed play back up to our own goal, White Rose managed to get their first goal in.
Josh TD as ever working hard in defence trying to keep the ball as far away as possible from the back of our net, but White Rose are persistent with their attack and before we know it they score again. We are certainly having our defences well and truly tested this week, from a White Rose corner a fantastic defending header from Josh P keeps them from scoring again. After another few shots and some good saves from Alfie they again manage to sneak another one past. 0-3

we manage to keep hold of the ball and Nathan and Cameron set off to try and break through the White Rose defence, putting into practice again a lot of what they have all been learning in training over the last few weekends, but the  opposition defence just seem to double in number as soon as the boys get the ball! Again White Rose are back on the attack in front of our goals Josh TD having a fantastic game and trying his hardest to keep them away along with Oliver Walker they are both working like Trojans. But another great shot from their striker hits the top corner just out of Alfies reach hits the back of the net.
Oliver Walker gets the ball and has a charge up the pitch to try and even things up, his shot is on target but a great save from their keeper keeps him out, earning us a corner taken by Rio, but again the defence keeps us out, where are all these blue shirts coming from!! Play heads back towards our goal another shot forces Alfie into another save ( taking the ball full in the face!! ) .Play continues for the rest of the first half in front of our goal some great defending again by Josh TD and Ben keeps the score at 0-4 going into half time.

White Rose start the second half pretty much as they finished the first straight back on the attack. Ben Oliver and Rio all working hard to get the ball back up and create chances to score, we just cannot seem to penetrate their defence. White Rose manage again to score another couple of goals. This is when we see a change in the Lightning squad instead of them having their heads down and looking defeated as we have seen in previous weeks, the boys keep their heads up and carry on fighting every one of them working as hard as they can to try and win the ball back and keep it.

Their hard work pays off Rio and Oliver Walker pick up a stray ball and charge up to White Roses goal and manage to score, this spurs the boys on and brings the score to 1-7. From this point we see the boys working harder knowing they can score against this team Ben and Fynley working the ball back from defence into mid-field and forward but still finding it hard to get through the defenders. Another shot from White Rose hits the post; they pick up the rebound but Josh Portman forces White Rose to kick the ball out of play.
Again Nathan and Rio pick up a stray ball and have another run up the pitch but again are charged out, White Rose step up the attack again Arron steps in with some great defending and keeps them from scoring again, but again the oppositions main threat charges up and has another shot on target. (There seems to be no stopping this lad who surely will not be playing C team football for long)
The Boys try again with another attack lead CameronJosh Portman and Josh TD but are again denied by the goal keeper and his defenders!! Nathan manages to pick up a stray White Rose pass but again his shot is saved by the keeper. Another shot from Nathan just misses again, but provides Lightning with a corner, Josh Portman takes and incredibly scores straight from execution… another goal for the boys. Giving a final score of 2-9.

The boys maybe disappointed with the result, but they should be very proud of themselves for never giving up. They kept their heads up and kept on going well done!!

Man of the match – Josh Portman

Thanks to Vikki Harling for this Match Report.