Lightning Match Report 30/09/12


Overthorpe start with the slight advantage of playing downhill and soon start their attack on our goal. Ossett defend well and push back up with Fynley and Nathan to test the Overthorpe goalie for the first time it is cleared and play heads back to our own goal. Evan Clark is ready but Overthorpe’s shot is wide. After a few more attempts kept out by Evan Clark Overthorpe manage to get one past a mixed up defence. 1-0
Play continues to be in front of Ossetts goal and after more shots being saved by both Evan and the defence Overthorpe manage to sneak another one in 2-0.
Play moves back up the field lead by Nathan, Cameron and Josh T D the boys keep pushing but some great defending stops them from breaking through and scoring. Again play heads back down the slope to test Evan Clark again. Overthorpe earn themselves a corner but again Ossett defence stands up to the test and keeps the ball from being put into the back of the net.
Ossett are back on the attack with Connor and Nathan working very hard to try and break down Overthorpes defence, they manage to break through and have an attempt on goal a save is made by the goalie; Rio has another attempt on the re-bound but just clips the post.
The closing few minutes of the first half see opportunities for both teams, Ossett snatch the ball from an Overthorpe corner and head back up the pitch Ben has an attempt but again the keeper keeps Ossett from trying to even the score. Overthorpe has one last push for the half and manage to sneak another one past Evan. Going into half time the score stands at 3-0
Second half brings a change in goal from Evan Clark to Alfie Harling, who has been stood watching with Jonny trying to pick up some tips from Evan.
Ossett make a good start and keep on the pressure on the Overthorpe defence. Evan and Ben working to try and create more chances for Ossett but again the defence keep us out. Overthorpe push back up and earn themselves a corner but Cameron wins back the ball for Ossett  and the team create a chance for Kieran to score, and score he does – 3-1.
Overthorpe respond with a full on attack on our goal, giving Alfie the chance to put into practice what he has been learning in the first half, along with the rest of the defence. Three of Overthorpe’s attempts are kept from getting past.
The ball is spread around the field now with Ben and Evan creating  more chances for the team to even the score, one of which falls to Cameron who puts the ball into the back of the net bringing the score to 3-2. Overthorpe are now in a game and respond quickly with more attacking play, again the defenders and Alfie work well  to keep another two attempts from going in, but one just manages to get past him taking the score to 4-2.
Ossett finish the match as they started with some great attacking play by Ben working hard again to push the ball up. Nathan and Cameron again working well together to try and even the score, but some good defending keeps the boys from breaking through for another goal. Overthorpe manage one last attack making Alfie produce two great saves keeping the score a very respectable 4-2.
A great game from all the boys well done it was great to watch, the hard work in training is paying off.
Man of the Match sponsored by Touch Media Solutions is Alfie Harling

Thanks to Vikki Harling for the Match Report.