Lighting are at home this week to Brighouse terriers. The boys make a positive start Josh TD, Ben and Rio pushing play forward, Rio plays the ball up the line but the Brighouse defence kicks out. Brighouse pick back up and head on down to try our defences, they manage to break through but Alfie is ready and saves two good attempts from the opposition.

Cameron now sets back off and has an attempt on goal but the defence keep him out, giving us a throw in Ben takes but again the keeper is there and keeps the boys from scoring. The next attack on the Brighouse goal comes from Kez but again the defence prevent him from breaking through.

Brighouse now have a go and test lightning’s defences, but the boys stand up and keep the ball well away from our own goal, Brighouse manage again to pick up the ball forcing Alfie into another save. Ben and Josh Portman now take the play back to the Brighouse goal but their shot goes just wide of the target. The goal kick ends up over the half way line forcing the boys to kick out of play giving Brighouse a corner, Taken but Rio manages to get on the end of it and heads it out of the danger zone! Josh Portman picks up and charges up to Brighouse goal but his shot is wide. We go into the second half at 0-0.

Brighouse start the second half and are straight on the attack searching for the first goal of the match, they earn themselves a corner but it sails over and Ben picks up and heads back up to the Brighouse goal, ball is passed to Rio but he cannot break through but he does earn a corner Josh Portman gets on the end of it but his shot goes over. Brighouse again try their luck but Kez and Fynley working well together keep them at bay, from a Brighouse throw in they manage to get a shot but fortunately this is wide. Rio and Ben again on the attack trying to find a way through but still the Brighouse defence keep them out. Fynley and Kez have another go but still we cannot get through, but a slight break in the defence finally allows Josh Portman to sneak through and score 1-0

This brings a wave of attempts from both teams Brighouse hitting the woodwork and bouncing behind the net, a Brighouse corner resulting in another save by Alfie Josh TD again working hard to keep the attackers from scoring. Another attempt by Rio is saved by the keeper, Kez working hard down the line trying to create some more chances to score again. The boys again are putting into practice the passing they have been working on in training, ensuring they are keeping hold of the ball for a lot longer and using a lot more of the pitch. Brighouse have one last attack but the whistle goes giving Lightning a well-earned win.


All the boys worked incredibly hard, it was a great match to watch well done!!!


Man of the Match – The whole team!