Ossett Town Boot Bank

Introducing the ‘Ossett Town Boot Bank’.

We know how expensive football can be and we know all too well how often kids feet grow! We have close to 500 players taking part in football on a weekly basis across our 35 teams which means there will be a staggering amount of outgrown boots in a good condition that are often left at home unused. Children, teenagers and adults can participate in this scheme so that hopefully we can give good quality boots a new home for a fraction of the cost of new ones whilst also drastically reduce the number of boots that are needlessly sent to landfill.

If you’re in the market for the next size of boots then you have two options. You can either ‘swap’ a pair of boots from a pair in the Boot Bank or if you don’t have an existing pair or they are in a really bad way, you can ‘buy’ a pair of boots from the Boot Bank for a donation of just £5 just to the Club.

Here are the boots currently in the Boot Bank. If you are interested in any of the pairs or would like to donate a pair of boots then please email: bootbank@ossetttownjuniors.co.uk